Manchester’s leading
property developer


Who we are

Established in 2006, Renaker is now firmly recognised as Manchester’s leading property developer with a proven track record of delivering sustainable, high-quality developments at pace.

We are extremely proud as majority landholder to be leading the creation of a new community for Manchester, New Jackson, which is taking shape at the south-western part of the city centre core.



We focus on city centre brownfield regeneration, efficiently delivering spacious, high-quality homes with desirable amenities, whilst creating aspirational new neighbourhoods enabling people to enjoy and thrive.



Professional, straightforward and honest in our approach, we are collaborative with all our stakeholders in the local community to help build successful, sustainable communities for the long term.

We are committed to creating attractive, sustainable neighbourhoods and deliver what we say we will do

Adding value as a developer

We are trusted to achieve the aspirations of the local authorities, and create high-quality homes and desirable amenities both for our residents and the local communities. This also supports Manchester City Council’s wider ambition to attract more people to live in the city centre long term, and bring up families.


Thinking beyond the realm of the traditional developer

In the first instance and at the point of conception, we create places and spaces which serve to enhance the life of those who choose to make it their home.


Through a commitment to high-quality design and materials

We apply this commitment not only to the residential homes we develop, but to the amenities and wider public spaces created.


Carefully considered masterplanning with various stakeholders

We work closely with the city council, landowners, and quality architects with each development.


Thinking beyond completion to operational management

Without a great relationship with the management companies we work with, much of the nuance and potential of the design could be lost – our management companies are tasked to really push the envelope of service. Our on-site concierge management teams all have 5* hospitality backgrounds, and we’ve applied principles learned from the hospitality industry to create a service level closer to that of a luxury hotel.